Display Stands Help You Enjoy Your Christmas Ornaments All Year

The beauty of the Christmas ornaments you hang on your tree dazzle you every December. Why not extend the appreciation all year long with lovely display stands to showcase your special ornament collection? When the holiday tree comes down, you can still decorate your home with your favorite pieces with our assortment of attractive displays.

Ornament Stand Styles for Every Home

Whether you want to keep an old-world Santa glass ornament on hand to remind you of generosity throughout the year or add some fun to your decor with a December Diamonds Merman ornament, the right display stand is necessary. Not only will it support the bauble properly, it will also add additional interest and style to the display.

With different shapes, materials, colors, and more, you have the perfect opportunity to support all types of Christmas ornaments anywhere in your home. Imagine how lovely a ceramic angel would look on your living room shelf or a sparkling crystal star flashing light around the room from a windowsill.

Old World Christmas Metal Display Stands

Harken back to the days of yesteryear with your most traditional ornaments displayed for the entire year. These metal display stands come mostly in gold or brass-toned metal with a unique old-fashioned flair. The sturdy pedestals on some of the stands feature unique three-dimensional patterns that mimic designs enjoyed by people throughout the centuries. They present a wonderful addition to your Christmas ornament collection.

Old World Christmas pedestals look stunning with a variety of ornament types. They work well with classic motifs, religious types, and dated ornaments for baby's first birthday or other special events.

Old World Christmas Ornament Stand

Gleaming Modern Metal Display Stands

If you prefer a simpler or more modern look, you have a wise choice in gold, silver, chrome, brass, or even black-toned metal. Instead of a heavy base that adds to the look itself, these have spirals or hoops that offer support without detracting from the beauty of the ornament itself. Choose a display with one curving hoop or up to three depending on how many ornaments you wish to show off.

While the modern ornament stands are used with any style piece, they are exceptionally useful for displaying sports, movie, tropical, or playful pet designs. Sometimes, all you need is the simplest stand to let the ornament shine.

Swarovski Crystal Ornament Display Stands

Complement a Swarovski crystal ornament with a delicately curved display stand created by the same well-known company. These shimmering silver-toned metal stands feature genuine Swarovski crystals in the base. The organically curved shape supports multiple sizes of ornaments beautifully anywhere in your home.

Swarovski Crystal Ornament Display Stand

Do not tuck away all of your favorite Christmas ornaments when the holiday season is over. With this selection of metal and crystal display stands, you can enjoy the beauty and meaning every day. Annual Ornaments is pleased to offer a wide selection of options for every taste.

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