How To Open Your Lladro Ornament & Save The Packaging For Storage

If you follow these simple steps when opening your Lladro Christmas Bell you can save and reuse the original packaging for storing your Lladro porcelain ornament safely when not in use. As you probably already know, it is important to keep the original packaging for your higher value collectible Christmas ornaments, such as Lladro and Swarovski, to maximize their value. So, why not use that specially designed packaging for storing your ornament? Here is a short video showing how to open your Lladro ornament in a way that you can reuse it for storage later. Step by step instructions are available below as well. 

Opening & Removing Your Lladro Christmas Bell Ornament

  1. Open the box and carefully remove the inner packaging.
  2. Lay the sides down flat and unfold the bottom panels.
  3. Lift the plastic and remove the ornament.

Storing Your Lladro Ornament In Its Original Box

  1. Lift plastic and insert your ornament under the plastic.
  2. Fold down bottom panels.
  3. Lift sides and insert into original box.

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