The Artistic Creation of NAO Figurines

Introduction of NAO Figurines

Dating back to 1953, the Lladró brothers began a tradition of excellence in crafting porcelain collectibles. The year 1968 saw the birth of the extremely popular line of NAO porcelain figurines. Each enchanting NAO figurine is the product of an extensive and artistic handcrafting process that results in the creation of treasured and unique pieces of art every time. Highly skilled and personally selected porcelain artists located in the historically famed porcelain crafting sector of Valencia, Spain design, assemble, and paint the charming figures of the Lladró brother’s NAO collection.

NAO Lladro Three Brothers

From Concept To Creation

These artists understand their medium and sketch original designs for each sculpture that will highlight the beauty of porcelain. From their sketches they first create clay models of the figurines. Then these models are split into components and create molds of each component. Liquid porcelain is poured into these molds, and once they are formed into these component shapes they are cooled and delicately removed by hand from their casts by experienced porcelain handlers. The components are made smooth and are assembled by hand and sealed with liquid porcelain to create the desired form of the NAO figurine. This is the point in the process where the hardened porcelain begins to look like a figurine but unfinished.

NAO Porcelain Figurine Assembly

Adding Color and Finishing Touches

These freshly assembled figurines are then carefully hand painted by veteran artists with high quality pigments to create a porcelain product that is unique in every way. A stamp of authenticity is applied to the base to ensure the figurine is recognizable as a Lladró NAO porcelain collectible. The sculptures go through a final varnishing process, and are fired in kilns for a full 24 hours to establish their final form, vibrant coloring, and beautiful luster.


NAO Porcelain Painting


The Artists' Finished NAO Figurine

This painstaking process of handcrafting by talented artisans ensures the quality and the beauty of every NAO figurine made. Each collectible is truly unique and special in its own right, and is the product of several days of professional and specialized production with materials of the finest quality. The result is a sentimental piece of art that can be shared for generations to come.

NAO by Lladro Porcelain Figurines Handmade in Spain

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