The Creation of Possible Dreams Clothtique Santas

Beginning in 1985, Paul Change and Warren Stanley began a tradition of crafting fine Santa Claus figurines to adorn the houses of families everywhere. With meticulous attention to detail, skilled artists are inspired by family, tradition, and tales of Santa Claus from around the world in order to create unique and enchanting designs for the Possible Dreams Santa Figurine Collection. Scenes depicting Santa on his busiest day of the year delivering presents, his time with Mrs. Claus, and Santa’s vacation and leisure time are all brought to life through a process of handcrafting and clothing Santa with unique Clothtique fabrics.

Once a design is finalized and a sculpture based on it is carved, the artists at Department 56 begin to create molds for their Possible Dreams Santa. These molds are filled with resin or ceramic materials to create the figurine. The figurines are then hand carved and sanded in order to ensure a perfect form.

Sculpting Possible Dreams Santas

Specially selected materials are then used to hand paint Santa. Artists use many colors and variations of paint to create Santa’s complexion and facial features so that they are lifelike and flawless. Matte paints and glazes are applied based on the realistic effects that artists impart on their figures from Santa’s cheeks to the sparkle in his eyes.

Painting Possible Dreams Santas

Textile artists then personally sew every figurine’s Santa outfits individually. Each Santa on the beach, Santa fishing, and the traditional present-delivering Santa have their outfits custom sewn by artists that sew Santa’s outfit with Clothtique, specially stiffened fabrics that create a realistic effect of a well accessorized and dapper Santa. The Clothtique fabric has the magical ability to make Possible Dreams Santas come to life.

Sewing Possible Dreams Clothtique

Whether you are selecting a Department 56 Clothtique Santa for your own collection, or gifting it to others, Possible Dreams Santa figurines are each truly magical pieces of art that are sure to brighten homes for the holiday, and strengthen the spirit of Christmas for all. Every year, the Possible Dreams figurines become more advanced and intricate as sculptors are pushed to add more detail to their Clothtique creations.

Finished Possible Dreams Clothtique Santa

Possible Dreams Santas are truly magical and will brighten up many homes during the holidays.


  • DIane

    I’ve been collecting possible dreams since the mid 90’s and they make Christmas even more special

  • Lois Valentine

    Have been collecting Clothique Santa’s
    since 1990. We didn’t have a lot of money then, so my husband gave me a Clothique Santa every Christmas. I had 2 corner cabinets with 3 shelves each.
    By Santa #6, I had filled the cabinets. I still wanted more, so I set out to do 2 Santas on each shelf. So, i have 12 beautiful Clothique Santas.
    Soon after that, i got sick & we had to move. I always displayed my Santas somewhere and whatever room i did this, i had other Santa decorations. So, every year since i have had a Santa room at Christmas. The Clothique Santas inspired me to always have a room i cherished.

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