The Swarovski 2017 Annual Edition Ornaments

Swarovski has introduced some beautiful sparkling Christmas ornaments again this year. Here are three of our favorite 2017 Christmas ornaments.

The Swarovski 2017 Annual Edition Christmas Ornament is the 27th annual dated ornament issued by Swarovski. Every year, since 1991, Swarovski has created a different and unique sparkling crystal ornament featuring a metal tag with the date of issue. Just like true snowflakes, no two years of Swarovski Christmas ornaments are ever alike.

Like prior years, the 2017 Swarovski Crystal Annual Snowflake Christmas Ornament is absolutely beautiful. Both new and existing Swarovski ornament collectors will love this year's annual Swarovski ornament. The sparkling crystal ornament hangs from an elegant white satin ribbon and features a "2017" dated metal tag at the top. As always, this year's Swarovski Annual Edition Christmas ornament comes in a safe and secure iconic blue triangle box for gifting and / or storage.

Swarovski 2017 Christmas Ball Ornament

Continuing with past traditions, Swarovski has also created a 2017 Annual Edition Ball Ornament. Inside this beautiful mouth-blown ball ornament you will find a sparkling crystal candle with flame. Small sparkling crystals decorate the outside of the ball in a creative way that creates the look of winter snow and ice. Hanging from a white satin ribbon, with a metal tag engraved with the year 2017, the Swarovski ball ornament is the perfect gift to celebrate something special this year.

Swarovski Crystal 2017 Christmas Bell Ornament

Since 2015 Swarovski has been creating an Annual Christmas Bell Ornament. The 2017 Swarovski Bell Ornament is the 3rd Annual Christmas Bell. Each year the bell has a uniquely designed clapper hanging from a small but elegant silver colored chain. For 2017, the clapper is a faceted tear-drop shaped Swarovski crystal. As shown below, the top of the bell is adorned with small crystals using Swarovski's Crystal Rocks technique and features a small metal tag engraved with the year 2017.

We hope you and your family enjoy these Swarovski Crystal 2017 ornaments as much as we do. They are truly spectacular and will look great on any Christmas tree or ornament display stand.

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