Tips For Hanging Ornaments On Your Christmas Tree

Decorated Christmas Tree

For many of us, we begin our Christmas shopping and start decorating for Christmas shortly after Thanksgiving. Decorating the Christmas tree is a very popular family activity during the holidays in many households. We think that the ornaments are what make Christmas trees beautiful, joyful and unique. So we wanted to share a few tips with you for hanging your Christmas ornaments.

Before You Hang Your Christmas Ornaments

Decorating your Christmas tree can be a fun activity for the family to enjoy together or a project for someone who loves to do it on their own. Hanging the Christmas ornaments on the tree is one of the most exciting parts of decorating the tree for most people. Before you start hanging your Christmas ornaments, we recommend that you hang the lights and garland first. Leave the lights on when you start hanging your ornaments so you can see how things will look when lit.

Hanging Your Christmas Ornaments

When it comes to hanging the ornaments on your tree, you will always end up with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree that you and your family will enjoy if you follow these simple steps.

  1. First you need to pick your Christmas ornament hangers. Decide if you are going to be using ornament hooks, ribbon, string or maybe even green florist’s wire to hang your ornaments. For most people, ornament hooks are the cheapest and easiest way to go. If you have pets or small children, you may want to consider ribbon or string to hang your ornaments (at least on the ones on the lower portion of the Christmas tree) because they may be less harmful to them if they come into contact with the hangers. Currently, all Old World Christmas ornaments come with an ornament hook and all Snowbabies ornaments have an ribbon for hanging.
    Christmas Ornament Hanger Options
  2. Ornaments should hang freely, (not resting on branches) evenly spaced around the Christmas tree to create a balanced look. Another thing to consider in achieving a balanced look is the selection of your Christmas ornaments. If you have a large number of the same exact Christmas ornaments to hang, we recommend that you start with those first and make sure they are evenly spaced around the tree before hanging the remaining ornaments. If all your Christmas ornaments are mostly unique and different from each other, you can start with whatever ornament you prefer. 
  3. Your larger and heavier Christmas ornaments should be hung further inside a little closer to the trunk of the tree where the branches are sturdier. Also, by hanging your larger ornaments further inside the Christmas tree, it helps improve visual depth appearance of your decorated tree.
  4. We recommend that more valuable and highly sentimental Christmas ornaments, such as your Lladro Christmas ornaments, be hung on higher and sturdier branches to stay out of the reach of children and pets.
  5. Once all your Christmas ornaments are hung, stand back, smile and enjoy your beautifully decorated Christmas tree for the holiday season with your family and friends.

Decorated Christmas Tree With Christmas Ornaments


  • Donna Sloan-Reid

    The tips for hanging the ornaments AND the pic of a finished tree decorated is more than 👍 👌 great!! Thanx, D.R.Reid

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    Very very helpful, thank you.
    Happy Holidays to you.

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