Holiball 18" Inflatable Ornament - Dark Blue

Holiball 18" Inflatable Ornament - Dark Blue


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Holiball Ornaments are the perfect ornaments for those who like to "be ballsy." Make all your neighbors jealous with these vibrant, larger than life inflatable ornaments. 

  • As seen on Shark Tank
  • Inflatable/Deflatable
  • UV Resistant polymer
  • 18" Diameter
  • Can withstand temperatures from -2 to 120 degrees
  • Anchor to ground, wall or float in pool
  • Easy Storage-(shrinks down to the size of a softball)

These ornaments come in cylinder giftable packaging and include:

  • Hardware staking/floating kit
  • Hanger plug 
  • Holiball topper

Use the Holiball Fast Flow Inflator or an electric air pump or air compressor to quickly and easily inflate.

Use for more than just Christmas!  Remove the gold ornament top for baby showers or birthday parties!

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