Tips On How To Store Your Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are very valuable sentimentally and often monetarily as well. Most Christmas ornaments spend the vast majority of time stored away awaiting next Christmas. These ornaments need to be unpacked before every Christmas and packed back up after Christmas is over every year. So, it is important to store your ornaments away as safely as possible and in a manner that makes it as easy as possible to pack and unpack them every year. Here are a few Christmas ornament storage ideas we want to share with you.

For your brand name Christmas ornaments that come packaged in a nice gift box we recommend that you save the original manufacturer packaging and store these ornaments in their original boxes. Typically these boxes are designed to keep the ornaments protected during transportation to stores around the world and while on display at stores, which is more than adequate for your storage purposes. Also, having the original box for collectible Christmas ornaments will allow you to realize the maximum amount of money one day if you ever decide to sell your ornament collection.

Swarovski Annual Edition Snowflake Christmas Ornament in Box

For example, the Swarovski Crystal annual snowflake ornaments come packaged in an elegant triangle shaped gift box every year. This signature gift box features felt and foam padding inside to keep the ornament safe and secure while packaged inside. If you collect the annual Swarovski snowflake ornaments you may also want to consider getting an empty Swarovski dealer annual ornament case box on eBay or from a local dealer. These larger triangle shaped boxes are designed to hold up to 12 annual Swarovski ornaments in their original triangle shaped boxes.

Besides making sure your Christmas ornaments are packaged safely, we feel it is important to store your ornaments in well organized and labeled containers that will take up as little space as possible.

Christmas Ornament Storage Bin

For ornaments that come with original packaging that can be reused for storing we recommend that you organize those into well labeled clear plastic or cardboard containers. We find that clear see-through containers are great choices because it gives you the benefit of seeing the contents without opening.

For ornaments that don't have any packaging that they can be stored safely in, there are multiple options. For the craftier DIY people. there are many Christmas ornament storage ideas available online ranging from egg cartons for smaller ornaments to clear plastic drink cups or tennis ball canisters glued to flat cardboard for larger sized ornaments. Here are a few DIY ornament storage ideas that we found interesting and worth a look.

For the not so crafty, there are lots of Christmas ornament storage containers made from fabric to cardboard and plastic in various sizes available on the market today. Check out some of the more popular Christmas ornament storage containers available on Amazon or your local Walmart.

We hope that you found this information useful. Please feel free to share your own Christmas ornament storage ideas below.

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